Rude Health at Trinity Laban

Every year Trinity Laban showcases new compositions by their composition students in a festival they call ‘Rude Health’. This year they had an evening of seven post-graduate composers in an event called ‘Seven Eyes’. The idea was to create something different that hadn’t been done before – one was even composed for common kitchen items instead of standard instruments.

The composition I was part of was ‘Discordian Transformer’ by Will Chaffey. The composition looked into the idea of musicians as machines and had the audience control what section of the music each performer played at what time and for how long. This was dictated by each member of the audience coming to the front and writing a number on a board under each musician’s instrument and being allowed to change it however they want. Whilst a recording was done, the quality doesn’t do the piece or performance justice as it’s very much a performance piece intended to be seen live.

One other notable composition from the evening was a moving piece by Kendrick Ho about the current riots in Hong Kong called ‘An Eye For An Eye’.